It happend that we miss out in telling you exactly how our prices are delivered, but please remain calm - we will solve it!

Below is a list of how we do when it comes to different kind of prices.


Concerts or entrances to event

Often we will send your tickets to either the adress or mail that you've given us. However, in some case you will be added to a guest list on place.

If you haven't received a confirmation please let us know (send us details about which station and event it concerns):

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If you've happend to win a sum of money in one of our competitions you should receive payment to your account on the 25th the following month. If you haven't received the money after 1-2 months please get back to us.

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Example: If you win before Februar 25th the money will end up on your account on Mars 25th. However, if you win the day after Februar 25th you will receive payment on April 25th.


Cinema tickets & other

Prices are often sent to us after the actual competition, which result in that you in some cases will receive them up to 3 weeks after the actual competition went on-air.

If it takes longer than 3 weeks, please get back to us!

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Best regards RadioPlay

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